Dear customer

Thank you for choosing our unique, creative, and attractive clothing brand! We are very glad that you have chosen our clothes and are part of our community. We present all our products to you carefully and delicately approaching every detail. We strive to offer outfits that not only look attractive but also make you feel really special when you wear them. Your purchase helps us continue our mission to spread uniqueness and creativity around the world. We believe in the power of personal relationships and want you to know that you are not just a customer for us; you are a valuable member of our brand family. If you have any questions, or suggestions or want to share your thoughts, you can contact us without hesitation. We hope that our clothes will give you happiness, confidence, and the feeling of being really special. Stay tuned for exciting designs and surprises to come!

About Us

At AtlazWear, we aim to express the essence of urban culture and personal expression. Our streetwear brand celebrates individuality, style and originality. We believe fashion is a powerful form of self—expression, and we strive to offer our customers unique and brave designs that will make them stand out from the crowd.


Inspired by the energy of urban life and the diversity of existing subcultures, our brand is influenced by street art, music and fashion trends. We are constantly inspired by the speed and creativity of the streets and reflect this energy in our projects, creating clothes that correspond to the modern urban lifestyle.

Design Philosophy

Our design is based on a combination of modern fashion and streetwear aesthetics. We carefully create each collection and ensure that it complies with the latest trends and remains true to the essence of Ot-Jr- brand. Our designs feature bright graphics, small details and high craftsmanship. Each work was carefully created with the aim Of self—promotion and awakening individuality.


We appreciate the strength of society and cooperation. Trying to create a sense of belonging among our clients, we create an environment where they can communicate with each other, share their stories and inspire each other.